Pure, sparkling, life giving water….going down the sewer!

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water-sewagePure, sparkling, precious life giving water….going down the sewer. Wasted.

I recently heard a young musician perform. I was amazed by the quality of his talent, the music he made was incredible and so was the message in it; hatred, bitterness, self pride and it was just so sad I couldn’t keep on listening. Such a waste. May I suggest that for many different reasons many people today are using the precious gifts granted by God to delight in him for nothing good? Talents going down the drainage.

Sometimes what was supposed to be a delight for us and for Him as well has become something that is been used for a totally different purpose or not used at all. God gave you and me something precious to be mastered and used as a tool/way to delight in his presence and glorify him in the process. He gave King David and others songs and music (1Cr.25:6-7). Out of a loving thankful heart and sometimes even out of a broken heart they used that gift before Him, that’s how we have the book of Psalms.

He gave amazing creative ideas to those who designed and created the tabernacle, Solomon’s temple, the walls of Jerusalem (Exo.31:1-5, 2Cr.14:7) and we can still see remains of some of them today.

What gifts did he gave you and how are you using them today? Are your gifts giving praise to him or to yourself? Is your water giving life to your loved ones and others or is it going down the sewer?

Psalm 37:3-5